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Genesis Otter

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Previous hodlers of Flippening Otters will be airdropped a Flippening Otter NFT from the new collection!


Giveaway Mint Starts!


Ottercoin token staking launch! Hodlers get airdropped Ottercoin tokens, which will be redeemable to add a companion and wings.


Add Companion!


3 ETH giveaway to 10 hodlers of Flippening Otters NFTs!


Giveaway Mint Starts!

Choose from 7 companions and wings!


Add Wings!

5 ETH giveaway


The Great Flippening Otter

ETH Market Cap > BTC Market Cap

Our Smart Contract will auto-mint the "Great Flippening Otter" and auto-gift to a random holder of the Flippening Otters!


The Flippening is about to happen, and the otters knew it all along...

Ever since the beginning, the Otters have been springing up on the Ethereum network, and now they're finally joining forces. And while none are alike, they share one thing in common... They always knew The Flippening was inevitable...


The history of the Flippening Otters goes a long way back, all the way back to the Genesis Otter who awakened on July 30th, 2015. Ever since then, the Flippening Otters have been marching towards "The Flippening".


If the prophecy foretold by the Wise Otters is true, on the day of "The Flippening" the "Great Flippening Otter" will reveal himself on that exact Ethereum block to reclaim the throne and be gifted to a random holder of The Flippening Otters.

Ok... So it is like a lottery?

You know what they say... you can't spell "Lottery" without "Otter". Yes, kind of!


Each holder of the Flippening Otters gets a chance to be gifted the "Great Flippening Otter" as per our Smart Contract. The "Great Flippening Otter" will be minted automatically, and gifted automatically to a random wallet that holds any Flippening Otter using Chainlink Keepers.

But sir... What is the "Flippening"?

"The Flippening” refers to a future event, where Ethereum overtakes Bitcoin to become the most valuable cryptocurrency in terms of market cap. This is calculated as:


ETH Circulating Supply * ETH Current Price + BTC Maxis' Tears

That's ridiculous...

What is?

The whole "Flippening" thing...

The Flippening has been told by the Wise Otters for quite some time now. If their scriptures are true, the Great Flippening Otter will descend from the skies on the exact block The Flippening happens.


The Flippening Otters are full Ethereum believers and completely back the Cryptocurrency. The history of Ethereum is both fascinating and full of determination, and while us mortals are not aware of the full details, the Otters were always there to tell this tale. They know it will happen.

You talk too much... Show me your smart contract.

We are re-building our Smart Contract! We will update it here soon!

Ok, I'm sold! How can i join the Ethereum Otters?

To stay up-to-date follow us on Twitter and join our Discord! All official announcements will be done there.


Dark Otter

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Co-founder & Community Manager

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Artist & Designer

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Dark Otter

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